Cosmhyc News:

Clean Hydrogen Partnership Programme Review 2022

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership, the public-private partnership which funds the COSMHYC project series, has published its annual Programme Review Report.

In the report, several references to the currently running COSMHYC projects, XL and DEMO, are made. This includes a mention in Pillar 2 of the report: 

"COSMHYC XL and COSMHYC DEMO under Pillar 2 focus solely on HRS development [...] based on the innovative, scalar and modular hybrid compression solution developed under the COSMHYC project. If successfully deployed, this original technology, combining a metal hydride compressor with a mechanical compressor, will enable lower CAPEX and OPEX, reduced noise, increased availability and higher hydrogen delivery efficiency.  Further work is needed on improving energy consumption, mean time between failures, annual maintenance costs, labour and CAPEX of 350 bar refuelling stations for buses."

Further on, the development of metal hydride compression is described as a "rather pioneer technology dependent on the hydride materials performance during their whole lifetime and a high number of cycles. Any new calls for proposals should follow the assessment of the COSMHYC project results."

Read the full Clean Hydrogen Programme Review 2022 here.

With these encouraging words, the COSMHYC project partners are heading into an exiting year that will see the test results of the COSMHYC XL MHC prototype, the building of the hydrogen refuelling station in France withing DEMO, and many things more.