Cosmhyc News:

NEL and CCTVI take significant step towards installing the COSMHYC DEMO refuelling station

At the end of September 2021, COSMHYC DEMO partners NEL and CCTVI signed a contract for the purchase of a hydrogen refuelling station to be installed in the region of Tours, France. Nel Hydrogen Fueling will provide and install its H2Station™ at the site selected by CCTVI in the scope of the COSMHYC DEMO project. The station – as the first one in the region – will be operated by CCTVI. It will be used within the COSMHYC DEMO project for demonstrating the new compression concept, while supplying with green hydrogen a growing fleet of Fuel Cell Electrical Vehicles, including the new garbage truck to be tested in the HECTOR Interreg project.

See the press release of Nel ASA here: