Cosmhyc News:

France's first H2 garbage truck will be fuelled using the COSMHYC technology!

In July 2021, CCTVI, a French grouping of municipalities located in the Touraine Vallée de l’Indre area, was handed the keys to the first hydrogen-powered garbage truck in France, as part of the #HECTOR (Hydrogen Waste Collection Vehicles in North West Europe) Interreg project. In the scope of the project, 7 fuel cell garbage trucks will be deployed and tested in 7 pilot sites across Northwest Europe. The aim of the HECTOR Project is to demonstrate that fuel cell garbage trucks provide an effective solution to reduce emissions from road transport. The trucks will use existing or new hydrogen refuelling infrastructures and, when possible, they will be fuelled with green hydrogen, in order to maximise the emission reductions (more information under

How is this interesting for COSMHYC DEMO?

Most importantly, CCTVI is also involved in the COSMHYC DEMO project and will be the proud owner of the hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) to be installed in the scope of the project. It is this HRS that will integrate the innovative COSMHYC compression solution! The new HRS will thus demonstrate the hybrid compressor’s maturity for commercial application and supply hydrogen for the HECTOR garbage truck.

By installing the new HRS (in 2022) and operating the brand-new garbage truck, CCTVI will step-up the implementation of its HySOPARC project located in the town of Sorigny, south of Tours. This ambitious initiative aims to strengthen the development of hydrogen mobility on the whole territory of the grouping of municipalities.

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness and versatility of the COSMHYC innovative compression solution.

Moreover, don’t forget that the COSMHYC HRS in HySOPARC will be available also for the public to be used for different mobility applications.