Cosmhyc News:

Fruitful COSMHYC and COSMHYC XL partner meeting

The COSMHYC and COSMHYC XL consortium met in Dole at the premises of the French SME MAHYTEC from 13-14th February.

As the COSMHYC project is in it‘s final year, fruitful discussions have been made during the last partner meeting. Also, last steps were defined in order to meet the project‘s objectives.

After an intense day of presenting each work package's status report, the consortium gained special insights into the work of MAHYTEC on a tour through their laboratory and their workshop! Finally seeing how the metal hydrides (needed for the metal hydride compressor) are manufactured definitely was one of the tour‘s highlights.

The COSMHYC XL meeting focused on revising the work already performed in order to be prepared for the project's first review meeting this autumn. Further, first design drafts of the newly developed mechanical compressor that allows to increase capacities to address the hydrogen fuelling capacity at hydrogen refuelling stations for light and heavy duty vehicles were presented.

Above that, an analysis of possible metal hydrides used for the mechanical compressor was shown. The meeting closed with defining a schedule of the main steps for both projects, in order to stay in line with the project‘s plan and objectives.