Cosmhyc News:

COSMHYC and COSMHYC XL partner meeting in Karlsruhe

From 07-08 October the COSMHYC and COSMHYC XL consortium met to discuss latest project developments and the planning of future steps.

The five COSMHYC and COSMHYC XL partners met in Karlsruhe beginning of October. Two intense days full of hydrogen compression lay ahead the project consortium. The meeting took place at the premises of the project's coordinator EIFER in Karlsruhe, Germany. Besides the project partners, the newly appointed project officer joined the meeting as well giving interesting insights into the work of the FCH JU as well as being very supportive to the consortium related to the project's implementation.

After fruitful discussions on the latest achievements and developments within COSMHYC, the consortium visited the test site of the metal hydride compressor at Fraunhofer ICT at Pfinztal. EIFER and MAHYTEC reported the current status of the set-up of the test site and the partners were able to get an impression on the actual work. More objects related to COSMHYC and COSMHYC XL were presented to the consortium during the visit of the FC Test Lab from EIFER at Karlsruhe Institue of Technology (KIT).

A common dinner continuing the discussions and knowledge sharing concluded the first meeting day.

The second meeting day mainly focused on the COSMHYC XL project that started beginning of this year.